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RE: Betting PAL Tokens on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Thanks to ...

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Nicely done. I was an oracle on the superbowl ones, took me ages to look up if there had been a score in the first 5 and a half mins. The stats all count down to the end of the quarter, not up from the start.
I ended up just watching a replay on youtube.
I should return the favour and do an Aussie rules one.
Will the 2021 Brownlow winner be a draft pick from a team which made the finals in 2020?
Give the other oracles some homework.


I was curious as to what an Oracle actually is... It's the grader? How does that work?

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Yes, each bet has 20 oracles, which tell the smart contract what happened. As long as they all agree, they each get 1:20th of 4% of the pot.
Nominating as an Oracle requires at least 10K PAL staked.