My Actifit Report Card: April 21 2021

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Double Win!!! How is that possible you may ask.

Today I met up with another actifiter @wil.metcalfe. Some of you may know him from his workout videos in a collaboration of actifit and appics a few months back. After discovering that we lived in the same city, we arranged a meeting at GoldBar park to get our 10 000 steps in. It was fun to meet another hiver and actifiter who had an interest in fitness and cryptos.

We walked through that park, crossed a bridge and entered Rundle park.

We then decided to explore off the beaten track along the river valley. We found a small ski hill that was previously unknown to us.

During the summer time it's used for mountain biking.

On the way back @wil.metcalfe tried to befriend a goose guarding his fire hydrant.

It was a good walk, and we decided to do this again in the future.

High Five Actifiters!!!
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Congrats for Double Win @a428

Some of you may know him from his workout videos in a collaboration of actifit and appics a few months back.

Every Actifiters knows very well about @wil.metcalfe he is our instructor, motivator snd Encourger. We have learned a lot from him.

Thanks @masoom

Keep on stepping.

Thank you Masoom.

It’s humbling for me to hear your words but it tells me that I’m doing something good and informs my efforts going ahead. I’m will continue to do my best to spread the good Wil! 😉

Thank you for supporting and commenting on @a428’s post my friend! 🙂

Hi @a428!

It was an unexpectedly great thing when I realized that you and I lived in the same city! I really enjoyed reading about our #MeetUP and the Step Adventure we went on! 😁

I'm looking forward to going for more #DoubleUP #Win's!

Until then, my friend, let's keep on stepping in the free world! #HighFive!!! 🙌


Definitely! We got to do this again. Your enthusiasm about hive and actifit have gotten me more excited about it as well.



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