Actifit & Appics LiveFitChallenge2021: Change Your Life & Win Big! 4 Weeks Fitness Challenge Starting Next Monday!

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Actifit & Appics LiveFitChallenge2021

It brings us great pleasure to announce our biggest contest for 2021!
Actifit & Appics are excited to once again collaborate on a big contest for 2021, similarly to our last year collaboration which had tons of great engagement, life changing stories, and rewards!

For this year, we are happy to launch the #LiveFitChallenge2021, which comes aligned with the introduction of fitness products in the Actifit marketplace, as well as a variety of other cool gadgets and training sessions!!


The challenge involves changing your life for 4 weeks (and beyond), with the help of 2 amazing coaches @wil.metcalfe and @soldier, whereby they will guide you via live streams (will also be recorded for later) for 4 weeks of fitness workouts, targeted to all of our actifit, appics, and hive user base, and the whole fitness community virtually anywhere!

To make this more easily accessible, we will have multiple live streams on a weekly basis in 2 different time zones to fit your schedules.

Workouts will be recorded, and you will earn rewards for sharing your personal workout progress on appics and actifit.

Check out the trailer below before reading further :)

The Challenge

  • Duration of Challenge: 4 Weeks Starting Monday February 15th, till Saturday March 13th

  • Qualifier: attend the live stream sessions OR watch the recorded workout session and do the workout on your own.

  • Participation: If you’re not already a member, sign up on Appics and Actifit.
    Take a selfie/screenshot during workout, or record your progress via a short video (max. 60 sec), and share this on appics and actifit app by making an activity report of the workout with the trainer(s). Make sure to use tag : #LiveFitChallenge2021 on your reports to be included in the rewards.

  • Reward Point system:
    Participation in Live workout: 10 points
    Performing workout alone (pre-recorded): 5 Points
    Most Activity reports on Actifit per Week: 25 Points
    Best Content on Appics per Week: 25 Points

Workout Format

Our two amazing trainers, @wil.metcalfe and @soldier will be leading your way to better health and lifestyle with different levels of moves. Each workout will be up to 30 mins, as follows:

  • Few mins chat/intro
  • 5 mins Warmup
  • 10 mins Low Intensity Workout
  • 10 mins Challenge Yourself
  • 5 mins stretching

Please make sure to take precautions when working out, and consult with your physician if needed.

**Workouts will be streamed live on Youtube and other platforms, we will announce the workout links before the workouts. They will be recorded on appics and 3speak for later viewing.

Workout Timing:
  • Training with Lena: Monday & Wednesday & Friday: 10 AM UTC / 11 AM CET.
  • Training with Wil: Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday: 6 PM UTC / 11 AM Alberta - Canada Time.


We will have a total of 5 winners, as follows:
The top 3 users scoring the most points will win the below cool prizes:

  • #1 Winner: 1 Product from Actifit Market (free shipping included) + 50,000 AFIT + 5,000 APX
  • #2 Winner: 1 Product from Actifit Market (free shipping included) + 30,000 AFIT + 3,000 APX
  • #3 Winner: 20,000 AFIT + 2,000 APX

Additionally, 10% CASHBACK will be available on all actifit and appics shop items for participants using the hashtag #livefitchallenge2021, and EXTRA UPVOTES!!!

  • 2 additional winners will be eligible for winning a 1 on 1 live workout session with Wil and Lena. To be eligible, make sure to also add the hashtag #livewithwil or #livewithlena on your reports, and explain why you think you should win this reward!

So are you ready to get started? Warmup and get ready for you life changing event starting Monday February 15!! See you then !!

@actifit team


Great to see my favourite projects coming together. When I started Actifit is the project which got my attention and then Appics in recent times. I strongly believe in future of these projects and invested major chunk of savings here. Can't wait to participate in the challenge!😁

Great news!!!

Huge! 👏This 👏is 👏going 👏to 👏be 👏awesome!

I’m looking forward to going live everybody! Are you all READY!? 🙌

already in 😁

Not a member of Appics

join appics and become part of it.

I tried. I am android user. They sent me a link to download the app. However, that didn't' work. I wasn't able to download and install the app in my mobile. I again contacted them but didn't get any further reply.

Hey Hafiz,
you can download the appics app on or contact me on Telegram @soldiersl and I will help you.

I contacted via the appics website. and as I replied to another user, I got the link. But I don't know why that link didn't work. I couldn't download the android app.

I am not using telegram. Is there any other ways of contacting you? like discord?

Thanks for reaching out to me.

the awesome challenge of livefitchallenge2021 by @actifit and appics ..


Was in! Will be in! As I told, I received your notification just from having actifit passively and appics actively on my phone. Here's my report