Actifit Anniversary Celebration Contest: Refer Friends & Earn 1000+ HIVE

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Following our prior announcement on Actifit's 2nd anniversary, it brings us great pleasure to kick off the first contest as part of our celebration month!

Refer Friends & Earn 1000+ HIVE

We recently revamped our whole referral mechanism for actifit to make it more motivating for you to bring new users to actifit (& hive). Quoting our latest announcement:

Today, we are revamping the referral system via introducing new recurring rewards for users referring new signups via actifit:

  • We are keeping the existing reward, whereby you receive one time AFIT amount equal to 20% of the AFIT rewards your referral earns upon successful signup (usually minimum 20 AFIT)
  • Up to 35% of your referral's actifit report rewards for one month, across all tokens rewarded (AFIT, HIVE, ...). So whatever your referred user's actifit reports earn, you are earning up to 35% (minimum of 20%) across all relevant tokens associated with those reports (AFIT, HIVE,...). The base rewards start at 20%, and they increase by 5% for meeting each of the extra criteria (User Rank level, AFIT balance held in your wallet, and AFITX held on hive-engine or steem-engine).

While this could get pretty rewarding to you for the first month, we also wanted to base our first contest on referrals, to even allow you to earn more HIVE!

Your friends will need to signup using your referral link, which is via the format

You can easily find your referral link and more details by visiting your referral page.

Timeline & Prizes

The contest will run across the month of July. In addition to all the standard referral rewards, the top referrers who bring the most new signups via are eligible to earn the below rewards:

  • #1: Top referrer earns 400 HIVE
  • #2: 2nd top referrer earns 200 HIVE
  • #3: 3rd top referrer earns 100 HIVE
  • #4 - 10: Referrers 4-10 earn 50 HIVE Each

Valid referrals will show on your own referrals page on following their signup.

So what are you waiting for? spread the news, let's have fun, bring more users to actifit & hive, and get rewarded while doing so!



Wow this is so interesting @actifit.
Though i am a newbie, i am going to see to it.
I'm in for the contest.

Oh Wow!!

1000 Hive is a great reward!

I'm will try for a position on the leaderboard. Good luck and congratulations to all of us😇😄.

1000 HIVE now thats a pretty big pay day! WIll have to see how I can recruit more members

Good Luck to all of us @actifit!

Rock on @actifit!

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

Hey @actifit, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

Wow..... Happy Anniversary....

Please optimize your app for Huawei... I understand the opportunity they offer, but the resource and battery consumption on the devices is very high.

Huawei P20 lite:

Pokemon Go, Vibration + Audio + Sensor = In 3 hours, 80% Battery

Google Fit, Sensor + Vibration = In 7 Hours, 50% of the battery

Actifit with sensor only = 2 Hours 60% Battery + high temperature

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