Updates: Transfer AFIT & AFITX Between S-E & H-E. Power Down AFIT to H-E. Steemconnect Login Option Removed.

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In light of further improvements to your actifit experience, and as we continue to further integrate Hive's ecosystem & related functionality, and as we had last week provided further wallet support to hive-engine, we are happy to announce the below changes along the same path.

Transfer AFIT & AFITX Between S-E & H-E

As many users have transitioned from using steem-engine to hive-engine, and to further provide support for AFIT & AFITX on the new exchange, we have created the ability via wallet to move tokens in-between exchanges.


As you can note from the screenshot, you can see your AFIT balance on wallet, but also your AFIT balance on both S-E and H-E exchanges. Similarly for AFITX you can see your balance on both S-E and H-E (since AFITX is solely an on-chain token).
The arrow below each token on exchange allows you to proceed with moving tokens over from one exchange to the other.


Although steem-engine and hive-engine charge a 1% each on token withdrawal, yet we will not be charging a total of 2%, we will be instead burning 0.5% as a total per transaction.

After confirming your request, the tokens will be transferred over and be available for use on the other exchange.

Power Down AFIT to H-E

Our existing approach for moving/powering down your AFIT tokens on your wallet, i.e. allowing you to trade them was set to move them to Steem-engine. Again in light of further support for hive-engine, and as we are relying on hive as our master blockchain, we have changed this functionality so that AFIT tokens are now powered down to hive-engine.
As of now, all existing power down requests have been reset, and you will need to put in a new request for your AFIT to start being powered down to hive-engine
The existing processs remains the same and with similar limitations, bound by the total amount of AFITX you hold to affect your daily limit for moving AFIT tokens.

Steemconnect Login Option Removed

Due to all the recent changes, and particularly as we are relying on hive as master chain, and due to a lot of user confusion due to using steemconnect and its inability to properly perform transactions even when steem is used to login, we decided to remove the steemconnect login option, and maintain for now solely the use of private posting key to login to


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Our amazing team

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I just noticed that I am not #2 atifx holder since I switched over to hive engine, should I switch them back or will it count soon? I liked getting the quicker votes in the queue.

hey @tbnfl4sun,
you don't really need to move them back, we have already updated our reward script to take this into consideration, so you should get priority vote even if you are not showing in the list. The list script is a bit outdated and we are working on adjusting it, but it's mostly a display issue for that end.

This is awesome, I was wondering how to move them off steem engine. You are always thinking of what I want before I ask!

This is the proper move, thanks @actifit

Good to know, everything slowly in order. Thanks for the update team

Great improvements 👍

Great improvements! But the delegation on steemit is still working, right?

Hey, what about the Exchange AFIT for STEEM Button?

Shouldn't this be Exchange AFIT for HIVE?

Yes absolutely. We will be adjusting this in the next updates iteration alongside removing lesser used options.

All good calls, congrats!


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