Updates: Yield Farming Page. Keep up with your friends. Notifications on new actifit reports. New UI Improvements. New Shortened Links.

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We are happy to present you with another update pertaining changes we have recently implemented to improve your actifit experience while exploring and using your beloved rewarding fitness & health app, actifit!

Yield Farming Page

One of the large recent hypes storming the crypto world is DEFI. And one of the key aspects of DEFI is yield farming.
Unfortunately while many yield farming projects turn/ed out to be scams, or are associated with crazy high fees, while also potentially posing high risk to your funds, actifit using hive blockchain has been providing yield farming since its initiation, without such risks or fees!

As many of you are already know, delegating HIVE to actifit provides you with daily AFIT yield. The advantages that this has over all the other ethereum based DEFI is many fold:

  • No risk of losing your funds: While delegating your HIVE to actifit, you do not risk losing your funds, as they remain in YOUR OWN WALLET.
  • No fees: gas fees have been tremendous on ethereum. With hive, there are NO FEES (you have RC which you do not pay for, and is limited by your existing power) so performing your staking/power up costs you ZERO fees. Similarly the delegation has ZERO fees.
  • Authentic project: Actifit has been running for over 2 years now, and we have a committed community, while also being committed to our project and our community.

For all those purposes, and to highlight yield farming via actifit on hive, we created the new yield farming page.
At the moment, your estimated APY is of 92.256% for delegating your HIVE to actifit. The APY is actually slightly higher as delegators also receive weekly payouts in HIVE as well, but the page focuses solely on AFIT daily yield.


You can see the daily rewards in AFIT as well just below this section.
Feel free to check out and share the new Yield Farming Page

Keep up with your friends

As part of keeping up with your friends, we found it to be essential to be notified of any new posts that your friends are making.
For this purpose, and as we have been adding several types of notifications, we have implemented on notifications that will let you know when your friends have created a new actifit report, so as you ca check what they have been up to!


Get notified on your own reports

As part of this new notification type, also once you create your own actifit report via the app, you will receive a notification also on your account, confirming that the process went through smoothly.
This will also provide you with quick access to your report from the notifications bar should you need to make any changes/edits, or just check on the report, votes and comments from users.


New UI Improvements

We have been making adjustments to the user experience on, particularly with the introduction of the market HIVE payment support, gadgets contest,...
As part of the new enhancements, we have revamped the whole top menu bar experience, improving its UI, while also making it accessible anywhere on the site.


You will notice some components of the menu on the main page are slightly different than other pages, as they reference items on the landing page (such as news, team...).
Meanwhile on the inner pages, you will find a menu reference to the home page to redirect you back to your page of control.

We have also made other UI improvements across the site, covering main page and wallet page, and are continuously working on others.

New Shortened Links

In additional effort to improve SEO, and to allow shorter links to be shared on social media, we have implemented a URL shortener for actifit, which maintains a sub-domain of actifit (, while also capturing keywords (or other combinations) to create shorter urls.
You can notice our latest twitter share used the link

We are continuously working on new features, changes, and improvements. If you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to share them via discord.

@actifit team

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New UI on is so good and significant improvement on notifications now. I like the improved notifications. Great work.

Interesting update from Actifit. My only challenge with investing in AFIT is the difficulty in moving AFIT from Actifit Wallet to Hive engine. The variation of AFITX on both chains are ridiculous.

Thank you.
Moving AFIT from Actifit wallet to hive-engine can be done with having very small amounts of AFITX held. The min is 0.1 AFITX. We are though considering making adjustments to this process doing forward.
In terms of chains, generally the volume on steem-engine is very low compared to hive-engine. Although price difference can sometimes open arbitrage opportunities :)

We cannot withdraw our tokens in You are talking about 0.1 AFITX, but when we try to trade, it requires 1 AFITX. I accept it too. It sets me up to 20 Afit. I say okay to him and I choose 20 Afit. This time, he says, you must have 10000 Afit to trade.
I hope an arrangement will be made as soon as possible.



hey @Maonx,
Can you confirm where you are getting the minimum 1 AFITX requirement? our requirement is 0.1 AFITX. Maybe you are using a different feature? You need to go to your wallet on to the "Move AFIT to H-E" section

The 10,000 AFIT requirement is about exchanging AFIT for upvotes, a different feature.

Btw i was not able to see your screenshots in case you shared any, they are not showing for me.

"Move Afit to HE". I have no such option. There is "Move Afit Daily to HE". This option takes me to the section you specified.

yes @maonx, now i can see your screenshots. It is the same section i am referring to. It says for every 1 AFITX, but does not require 1 AFITX, you can use a minimum now of 0.1 AFITX to make daily transfers


The 'Move Afit to H-E' you call is not here. Can you see it?


After clicking on move AFIT daily to HE, you will be redirected to page that @mcfarhat has shown. There is limitation on the amount of AFIT you can transfer to HE. For example if you hold 10 AFITX, then you can transfer 1000 AFIT daily to HE( For every AFITX held, user can transfer a maximum of 100 Tokens daily). If you hold 100 AFITX, Then you can transfer 100*100=10000 tokens daily to HE.

Also for the other question that you are referring to You first need 1 hive or HBD to create your funds password. After that you can do as many transactions as you want on Actifit. Regarding the 20 AFIT exchange for upvote, you need a minimum of 10000 AFIT. That is minimum qualification for exchanging your AFIT for upvotes. Logic behind this is there are large number of users holding AFIT. If everyone goes for exchanging AFIT for upvotes daily, there will be 1000 members in queue daily. Since Actifit cannot vote all those posts at once, this minimum criteria is set so posts can be voted appreciable value.

We can continue if there are more queries. You can join us on discord too. We have amazing team there.

A 92% APR is small compared to what is taking place on Ethereum DeFi but that shows how absurd things are over there at the moment.

Warren Buffett became one of the richest people in the world by achieving a 20% return over many decades. He would drool over a 92% annual return.

Hello, nice updates.

A question. When will we be able to use AFIT outside of the Hive ecosystem? Or trade AFIT freely?

Thank you very much!


Thank you @ervin-lemark,
Generally AFIT is freely tradeable on hive-engine/steem-engine, although yes volumes are low, and the mechanism to move tokens from wallet to hive-engine/steem-engine has some contraints. We are considering making some adjustments there to moving tokens mechanism.
For AFIT usability we are making a lot of attempts & contacts to increase exposure, reach and partnerships. We plan to bring positive news ASAP.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Good to hear you will bring positive news about the real world usability of AFIT.

About AFIT trading on H-E - I can't even move them from my Actifit wallet since I don't have any AFITX. And even if I had them that would be a slow process. I am talking about possibility of transfer without restrictions.

You're always welcome!
Yes i understand, we are revisiting the requirements for moving tokens. The min amount was set to avoid large dumps. We might be adjusting levels and/or introducing some unconstrained/less constrained levels to move tokens.

That would be great.

After all, free market is the boss. Or so they tell us :)

Have a great weekend.

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Only platform on Steemit and Hive to be putting efforts continuously and giving users amazing updates since last 2 years!

From recent updates, I love the gadget tickets enhancement very much! Get gadgets with hive and we get additional tickets with that and then chance to win big prize pool is additional 😃😃