Actifit Updates: Supporting Delegation Rewards on Hive. User Based Chain Posting Settings. Rewards Cycle Fixes.

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hey hey bees !

We've been pretty beezy with making adjustments, fixes, and new features to enhance our actifit support for hive in the last week.
As we announced before, our blockchain of focus is hive, while we continue to support steem as a legacy blockchain, and to anyone among the community who would like to maximize their rewards by posting to steem as well as hive.

Hence why we made several bug fixes and improvements to the posting experience via actifit app (android iphone , but also to your web experience via

We still have a lot of work in progress, so we will keep you posted as we go along.

Delegation Rewards on Hive

As announced before regarding delegation rewards, we have completed adjusting our delegation rewards script to support both hive and steem.

The way the rewards are calculated is that on a daily basis, the delegators on each chain will split 50-50 rewards out of the total max cap of 100K AFIT tokens being distributed daily, following the same approach we had before based on their contribution out of the total delegation amount.

Hence as of now, your delegation on hive to @actifit now earns you daily AFIT rewards, in addition to your steem delegation rewards if you have any.

User Based Chain Posting Settings

In further support for giving our community choices, and since several users do not wish to post to steem nor receive STEEM rewards, we have implemented a new settings page on that allows you to choose whether you would like your actifit reports to go to both HIVE+STEEM, or just HIVE.


The HIVE+STEEM option is the default one, so if you do not want to adjust your settings you do not need to take any action.


If however you would no longer want your posts to go to steem blockchain, please visit your settings page and make sure to login using your posting key (not the steemconnect option as for now it does not support proper settings integration), and adjust your setting to select HIVE ONLY.


Once you have applied your setting, your next post via actifit app will go to your selected chain(s).

Reward Cycle Fixes

There has been a lot of recent issues with rewards going to actifit posts, particularly on Steem. This is essentially due to Steem API nodes being down.

We have made all adjustments to our scripts to try to optimize our process and avoid such issues, yet when nodes are down there isn't much we can do about it, especially that steem now also has centralized API nodes (AFAIK all other active nodes have moved to hive).

Again hive is our master blockchain, and voting there will not be affected by steem nodes being down. Our scripts actually fetch the original posts from hive, and attempt to match any on steem to provide them with the additional rewards.

There has been though some stability in the last few days on the Steem nodes, so the last few cycles have been performing properly.

Till our next update, stay healthy, stay fit !!
@actifit team


Thanks for the update. I have undelegated to Steem-Actifit how can I delegated Hive to Actifit please?

Delegation can be done from HIVE wallet or PeakD.
here is a picture from PeakD after pressing DELEGATE in your wallet.

Snímek z 2020-03-27 15-04-41.png

Many thanks, I'm on it right away.

You're welcome :-)

@joetunex @bucipuci you can also do that using, we just added yesterday the capability to delegate on both hive or steem, depending which blockchain you choose to login with.

Thanks. That's good information.

Thanks @mcfarhat

Great news. Thanks for your work

Thanks for the update 👍

Looking good, @actifit..

a few Q's:

1) Do you have a github to post issues? for instance, when I used the it asked me if I wanted to friend some people and then the wait thingee just kept circling forever

b) I had to login last night since there was no post on Hive, and it gave me the radio buttons above defaulted to hive.. does that mean my posts now only go to hive?

a) sure, we're on github: you can also chat to us on discord for any issues
b) by default posts go to both hive and steem, there are some delays happening with hive apis whereby posts do not show promptly on You can also visit your to make sure you have the correct setting selected.

done and done thanks!


I published an article about DTube being fully compatible with Hive a few hours ago. A few minutes later I noticed @dtube being added to @spaminator black list no absolutely no reason. I believe @spaminator is somehow controlled by @themarkymark with his Global Blacklist API (funded by the DAO).

After complaining, the unfair blacklist for the @dtube account was removed. I was told it was an accident.

But now, 1 hour later:

The post had 150+ community members upvotes, and 1 evil witness downvote has turned the article to 0 visibility.

Hive is not censored? Let me laugh...

Time to clean up your ranks from the rotten ones, Hive witnesses.

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