Readjusting Required AFIT Exchange Amount Per Community Request! Actifit Gadget Prize Draw Round #7 Winner! Round #8 Kicks Off

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Readjusting Required AFIT Exchange Amount Per Community Request!

You complained. We listened. We love our community!

Following our recent announcement and the adjustment of the AFIT price to market price, and the relevant adjustment to the amount of AFIT required to opt-in for the extra vote boost, we received a lot of feedback from the community that the change was too aggressive, and could cause in some cases loss of profitability.

Ultimately for actifit, our target is to grow the project and implement all measures that would make it more profitable for our users, while also exploring and implementing new ways to grow the economy of the project and the token price.

We believe the recent changes have a very positive effect on the project overall, yet following an in-depth discussion with community and the team, we have decided to readjust the AFIT amount exchange down from 500 - 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000 AFIT options to preserve a high premium for our community, and the options have been lowered down to 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 AFIT.

This leaves a high premium for users deciding to use the service, instead of selling their tokens on exchanges, despite freeing the AFIT price on wallet.

Change has been implemented already on and our curation scripts.

P.S: To be fair to all users who signed up or used the service since the last change, we have sent out a refund for the amount difference to all relevant users.

Actifit Gadget Prize Draw Round #7 Results!

We are excited to announce the results of the "Actifit Gadget Prize Draw" #round 7, which took place on September 17 midnight UTC.


Over 4 days, the prize pool was 3.193 HIVE, and the winner of the draw was @runridefly. Congratulations !!


As round #7 of this contest concludes, round #8 already kicked off, and you have 3 days 11 hours to take part and WIN!.

As announced before, the rules of the contest are simple:

  • As you buy gadgets using HIVE, you earn free tickets (1 per gadget) to enter the draw.
  • The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win.
  • Keep in mind you need to have at least 1,000 AFIT to earn tickets to the draw.

Round #8 Started. Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

AFIT Market Buy Back

Also as announced in the contest rules, we committed to buy back AFIT on the market with 25% of the total amount used to buy gadgets. This amounted to 1.597 HIVE, which we used to place buy orders for AFIT on



Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

Support our witness on Hive, vote for us or set us as proxy on actifit profile, via peakd, or hive blog.

@actifit team


That's why I got back 1800 AFIT?

Well, I wasn't the one who complained about the amounts.

I thought they were a step in a right direction. Now you did a step back.

You mustn't be afraid of the market. Market shows you your real value. If this value is too low for your liking then you must do something to raise it. Something else than making transactions practically impossible.

hey @ervin-lemark,
Thank you for the feedback.
We actually decided to make it a more gradual move based on community's feedback. So we still went ahead with the cost increase, but half-way thhrough, and i do agree such moves will be the ones responsible for improving the economy, demand, and price growth of AFIT.
The price has reacted positively to the recent changes introduced last week, and I believe this will keep improving as we move forward and introduce further new ideas and changes.

Hey, it's good to hear that the market responded well to the changes. Do continue :)

Good luck!

Removing profitability from the token is always connected with depreciation of its value - it's simple as that.

I am happy about the way @Actifit handled the issues raised by the community

What profitability?

Profit is a diffence between buying and selling price. Where is the profit when you can't sell?

Sweet, keep eating into those sells orders and adding some additional value!

I appreciate the Hive.