Upper Body Workout With Wil Earlier Today (LiveFitChallenge2021 Day 16) - Video Inside. Friday 10 AM UTC Day 17 With Lena.

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Day 16 of Actifit & Appics LiveFitChallenge2021 Earlier Today

Today we had another fantastic LiveFitChallenge2021 session with @wil.metcalfe at 6 PM UTC, for an upper body workout!

If you missed the live workout, we got your back! You can find the recording on both youtube and 3speak. You can check out the recordings just below.

To earn your daily actifit rewards, and to participate in the grand prizes of #LiveFitChallenge2021, you need to make a post on actifit app with the #LiveFitChallenge2021 tag, as well as progress posts on appics including at least a photo/selfie of you taking part in the workout, or even a short video (60 seconds max).
You can find more details about the channel by visiting link here

Below today's recording on youtube

And on 3speak
3speak faced some issues during upload, we will update the video once the upload/encoding completes.

Keep in mind we are broadcasting live on both youtube and discord in parallel.
Our next session is coming up with @soldier Friday at 10 AM UTC. Mark your calendars!

Here is a link for the upcoming stream on youtube

Make sure to subscribe to actifit youtube channel here to get notified about upcoming live streams, and join us on discord as well for further updates

Let's have fun changing our lives, and winning !!

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@actifit team


Good routine, to work from home, no need to go to the gym to exercise.