Do you know where this photo was taken? |🇮🇹 Sai dov'è stata scattata questa foto?

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Seize Beauty Everywhere!

Dear friends, welcome back to reading my yesterday summary activity report, mixed with fresh photos of the day. 🙏

The cover photo was sent to me by my friend @maitre, who lives in Trentino Alto Adige and tells me that everything is going well, despite the restrictive measures imposed by the plandemic situation.

Well, I know very well the place where he was immortalized in the photo, and it's a really wonderful place: every time I visit it, my heart opens up! It is the largest plateau in Europe (56 km²) and is of breathtaking beauty and a place that inspires peace and psychophysical well-being!

#HIVEFEST Preparations update

It seems that Friday I will have in my hands this technological trinket that will allow me to try the experience of virtual reality.
Reading the questions/answers on the amazon website, I discovered a potentially very interesting use: the possibility to virtually visit environments designed with sketchup, very useful opensource computer design software... I was very excited about it and I'll make sure to try it!


Sleep Situation (Fitbit data)

Saturday and Monday seems to have had particularly busy nights... and so, in fact, it was.

Saturday night, I practiced several hours piano, pushed and encouraged by the legendary @mipiano. After that, not very satisfied with the results of my performances on the black/white keys, I enjoyed the very interesting and exciting life of the great artist and performer Freddy Mercury enjoying the movie Bohemian Rhapsody: I felt very strong emotions and I recommend you to watch it!

Sleeping chart

Monday night, right now, I can't remember what I did... maybe tomorrow, if it comes to mind and interests you, I'll write it down!

And we come to the photos

Fresh of the day

This morning we woke up under a partially successful snowfall attempt, which the weather forecast had not predicted at all.

The snow, however, melted already in the afternoon, so much so that I went out to "graze" the dogs and they didn't even have the opportunity to roll in the snow, because it had already turned into mud, which stuck to the soles of my shoes! 😂


The cult of Agni

For Indians (and Indo-Vedic culture) Agni is the God of Fire. When I visited Rishikesh (and its surroundings) last February, I had the opportunity to see at least the ritual of keeping the fire burning 24 hours a day... and there in India, in the season when I was, they certainly did not need it to warm themselves.

The "my" rite instead is much more practical: I'm keeping the fire on (or at least, lit the embers until the next morning) to counter the cold that finally arrived.
Certainly also contemplating the flames is very pleasant and interesting!


Well, my dears: I greet you with the same image with which this report began, and with a hug (albeit virtual) as big as @maitre!


Thank you for your time!

Any feedback from you is always very welcome!

If you glad, see you tomorrow? 🙏
A huge hug! 🤗

This is my daily #WIN proof of activity: thank you, @AdventureReady and @wil.metcalfe for the lovely initiative!

Ita 🇮🇹

Cari amici, ben tornati alla lettura del mio report di riepilogo della giornata di ieri, misto con foto fresche di oggi.

La foto di copertina me l'ha mandata il mio amico @maitre, che vive in Trentino Alto Adige e mi riferisce che tutto va a meraviglia, nonostante le misure restrittive imposte dalla situazione plandemica.

Beh, conosco bene il posto in cui si è fatto immortalare nella foto, ed è un posto davvero meraviglioso: ogni volta che lo visito, mi si apre il cuore! Trattasi del più grande altipiano d'Europa (56 km²) ed è di una bellezza mozzafiato e luogo che ispira pace e benessere psicofisico!

Aggiornamento preparativi #HIVEFEST

Pare proprio che venerdì avrò tra le mani questo gingillo tencologico che mi consentirà di provare l'esperienza della realtà virtuale.
Leggendo le domande/risposte sul sito amazon, ho scoperto un uso potenzialmente molto interessante: la possibilità di visitare virtualmente ambienti disegnati con sketchup, utilissimo software opensource di progettazione al computer... la cosa mi ha molto stuzzicato e farò in modo di provarlo!


Situazione Sonno (dati Fitbit)

Sabato e lunedì pare abbia avuto notti particolarmente impegnate... e così, in effetti, è stato.

Sabato notte, infatti, ho praticato diverse ore pianoforte, spinto e incoraggiato dalla mitica @mipiano. Dopo di chè, non molto appagato per i risultati delle mie performance sui tasti bianco/neri, mi sono goduto l'interessantissima ed emozionante vita del grande artista e performer Freddy Mercury gustandomi il film Bohemian Rhapsody: ho provato fortissime emozioni e te ne consiglio la visione!


Lunedì notte, ora come ora, non ricordo cosa ho fatto... magari domani, se mi viene in mente e ti interessa, lo scrivo!

E veniamo alle foto

Fresche di giornata

Questa mattina ci siamo svegliati sotto un tentativo di nevicata, parzialmente riuscito, di cui le previsioni meteo non avevano per nulla previsto.

La neve, comunque, s'è sciolta già nel pomeriggio, tant'è che sono uscito a "pascolare" i cani e non hanno avuto neppure l'opportunità di rotolarsi nella neve, perchè già trasformatasi in fango, che mi si è appiccicato alle suole delle scarpe! 😂


Il culto di Agni

Per gli indiani (e la cultura indo-vedica) Agni è il Dio del Fuoco. Quando lo scorso febbraio ho visitato Rishikesh (e dintorni), ho avuto l'opportunità di constatare quantomeno il rito di mantenere acceso 24 ore su 24 il fuoco... e li in India, nella stagione in cui ero, non ne avevano certo bisogno per riscaldarsi.

Il "mio" rito invece è molto più pratico: sto tenendo acceso il fuoco (o quantomeno, accese le braci fino al mattino dopo) per contrastare il freddo che finalmente è arrivato.
Certamente anche contemplare le fiamme è molto piacevole e interessante!


Bene, carissimi: vi saluto con la stessa immagine con cui è iniziato questo report, e con un abbraccio (seppur virtuale) grande grande come quello di @maitre!


Grazie per avermi dedicato il tuo tempo!

Qualsiasi tuo commento, è sempre molto gradito!

Ci si rilegge domani? 🙏

Un caro abbraccio! 🤗


(All images in this post, unless otherwise indicated, were taken by me and are licensed CC0 by @amico.sports)

image.pngThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Dancing, Walking


This was an EPIC @Actifit Report Amico! You are on top of the world and on top of your game! WAY TO GO! 🙌

As discussed previously though... This post needs the screen capture proof from the @Actifit dApp. As well make sure to include your time stamp... Then you got it!

I consider this post a WIN but to convert it to the official #Win these small adjustments will get you there!

If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns I would be glad to assist where I can! Please feel free to ask or type away! I'm listening my friend! 🙂


As a computer scientist, I think that the source of the data is fitbit and from the graph it is clear by what time I have achieved the WIN or Automaticwin.
It doesn't matter if you can't change the rules and this involves not assigning tokens: I'm happy anyway!

A huge hug 🤗 and some bit of !BEER 🍻

Ok Amico. I get it.

I hope that you can understand why I want to make things clear and straightforward. New comers to these challenges might become unclear if a mixed signal is authenticated and broadcasted. I want to be able to tell new people doing the #Win and #AutomaticWin accomplishments to just check the feed to find out how to score an #AutomaticWin or a #Win. If they simply do what everybody else is doing. You know! That sort of instruction is a whole lot easier. (Here's another reason! I wonder if I can think of another...? hmmmm! lol!)

If your not up for it though I get it. But won't you reconsider? Join up with me and the rest of the @AdventureReady T.E.A.M. (Together Everybody Achieves More) in promoting and encouraging everyone in the @Actifit community to get their 10,000 step counts! You would (and are!) a real asset and I know that many people look up to your efforts within the @Actifit community!

I have bothered to go back and forth with you about this not just because I'm firm on the protocol but also because I value what you do and who you are within our growing movement! Let's all work together... Yes!? 😉

Your consideration of me is flattering: thank you, @wil.metcalfe!

But explain me on an Android smartphone using actifit with fitbit: what screen should I capture? The one with the numbers without even a cute little graphic? Honestly, on a post level, I find it disharmonious! 😉

Yes. I completely understand your considerations from an artistic visually appealing perspective Amico. When connected to the Fitbit device the @Actifit dApp currently has a less than ideal screen for displaying the information required for screen capture proof of #Win and #AutomaticWin.

It's really to bad as the Fitbit attachment should increase rather than decrease the visual appeal. Adding Fitbit functionality should improve the viewing experience of the user rather than detract from it. I 100% understand your perspective.

It is my intent to continue to work with @mcfarhat in this regard and I hope that you will continue to work with all of us as we iterate and innovate the future together. Your feedback is valuable in my opinion so thank you for putting this on the table for discussion.

Annnd! Thank you as well for including the correct screen capture of the @Actifit dApp in your most recent report. Although the current version of the required screen capture proof is less than ideal I do appreciate that you are helping me streamline the process of authenticating the #Win's and #AutomaticWin's!

This helps considerably and leaves me with enough time and brain juice to dedicate to improving the #AutomaticWin and #Win system and also collaborate on improvements with the @Actifit Project. 🙂

You are most welcome, @wil.metcalfe! 🙏

Have a !BEER 🍻
and a huge hug! 🤗

Hey Amico! I’m just figuring things out with @mcfarhat. I realize that you provided the most recent screen capture proof of #AutomaticWin that you did because the front screen of the @Actifit dApp does not display your step count but only informs the user that the dApp is collecting steps from Fitbit as a source. Am I correct in my understanding of this? I’m going from memory because with the current @Actifit dApp that I’m running on iOS the front screen displays my current step count seamlessly... but I remember what it used to display like.

Would it be possible to do a screen capture of the front page of the dApp so that we can get a reference? If the front page of the dApp is displaying correctly (while connected to Fitbit) then naturally that would be the best screen capture to provide for proof of #AutomaticWin or #Win.

If, however, the front screen of the dApp does not show your current step count (along with the current time) but instead only informs you that you are connected to Fitbit... then that would totally make sense why you had to make use of the post to blockchain page to display the current time along with current step count.

Any clarification would be helpful! Thanks Amico! 😊

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O, the legendary @mipiano will ask you not to practice so much as you need to rest as well. And if you study so much the piano, and start to publish I will go to history here 😐

Thanks for the snowfall attempt photo, I see everyone is publishing snow photos yesterday and today, and I just miss the snow 😢

I have to close now the screen, something is heating from there, like some fire... Oh, it's just your fire 😋😇

Ahahhahahah, you're really legendary @mipiano and you're definitely making history!

Thanks for your sparkling comments! 🙏

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Feedback from the December 1st Hive Power Up Day

Excellent @actifit day with your 14782 steps! It looks lovely where your friend is at, and the fire is nice! I love a good wood stove fire! Take care and have an awesome day tomorrow!

Yes, the Alpe di Siusi, in the background of my friend's photograph, is really an enchanting place!

Thanks for your feedback, @elizabethbit: much appreciated!

A huge hug 🤗 and some bit of !BEER 🍻



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Hardangervidda....I looked it up my friend! Very beautiful!!!😀

I'm afraid I don't understand, dear @silvertop: what does mean "Hardangervidda"?


Ohh ...I thought the question was the World's largest plateau, so I Googled it and this word came up LOL!😀

Ah, Ok... I'll take a look at that!
Please look at the largest plateau in EUROPE. 😁


I just went and look at some further photos of this plateau very beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! 😀

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grazie per l'invito Mattè ma i DPCM non ci permettono transmigrazioni in altre regioni. (sigh)

In molti affermano che presto ci sarà una "Nuova Norimberga" per processare i fautori del "New Normal"... mah, chissà? 🙄
Comunque, tanto per dire, la multa che mi avevano comminato alla fine dello scorso lockdown, ho fatto ricorso e non l'ho pagata: tutte le restrizioni di libertà di movimento degli atti amministrativi (quali sono i DPCM) sono totalmente anticostituzionali.

Grazie per la visita, @armandosodano!


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