My Actifit Report Card: June 5 2021

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Yeahh......... Hahahaha.... Its such a beautiful day as I started my day with my usual morning cycling with other guys.... Well, today's activities was an amazing one as I went to the kitchen for an extra task.

Today started with a moment of exercise. I am so glad I was able to exercise on the weekend unlike other times I propose to go for exercise but couldn't go due to much engagements. It was fun to it again and I am feeling so sweet inside.

After the morning exercise, which I jogged too, I made breakfast to fix my self for another task. Guess what it is......... Hahahaha. U won't believe this but its true..... I learned how to do it and finally I made it so easily.

I know you really want to know. I fried garri today..... Garri is a starchy food made from cassava. Due to much schedule of the week, I wasn't chanced to join in other processes so I had to make out time to join frying it today.

It was so awesome to do this after a very long time. Now we have much garri in the house...... Agriculture makes life easy because it provides food which is one of the most needed items in one's life.

Thanks so much for always stopping by to read my post..... Much love.
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