My Actifit Report Card: July 6 2021

in Actifit2 months ago

Wow.... Tuesday like no other.... What do you do when u feel stock? Me, I'll only smile and have a rethink.

Today was another good day. I really enjoyed riding today after washing my bicycle. Guess what????? My bike looks so fresh and new.

My morning started with a moment of cycling. After that, I washed it and cress all the moving parts and I can tell you how sweet the bicycle feels when riding.

After that, I went out for work. I had to ride to work to enjoy the bicycle the more and its forms my actifit today.

Work was cool today though I am not so fit to go out for outside work. My team mates have really missed me from site. I pray I'll be stronger tomorrow to join them.

After work, I went to church for bible class. One thing I learn today is that we should be positive in everything and situation that comes our path. That's so great to learn.

Thanks so much for reading. @anicom cares....
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