The Saturday Workout: My Actifit Report Card: July 10 2021


It a Saturday training over here, this love can't be shared oooooo. Cycling, jogging and finally landed on football. What a lovely exercise moment to have on a day like this.

Over here, the weather was so cloudy, but we had to go out for the exercise, its been long I took time to play football as I did today. The joy of football is another on none can tell.

The session started with jogging exercise to balance the system, we had many turns of the field and I can't count.

After that, I took time to engage on the fitness session which took about 35minutes and it was awesome.

Guess what happened???????? Immediately after the fitness session, the team was set to go on football playing. Mehn..... Its been a while I play football due to time. I am so happy I could do it again today and I'm feeling so sweet in my body.

This season is so interesting to me as I see more exercises coming up my way daily. I am glad I could share photos of what happened in the field unlike other days I don't share them. I really didn't want to forget capturing my self making these moves so I had to ask for help by a fan to help in the capturing.

So many advances where made towards the game and I am glad my team won the game. Playing is another way of creating chances to meet with new people. I really love today's vibes.

Thanks so much for always visiting my blog. I appreciate. Much love.
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