My Actifit Report Card: July 12 2021

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Hello friends, today's activity was a heart breaking one, but I still thank God for life forever there is hope.

My morning started well with farm work and it was a cold morning over here. After that, I did home chores and prepared to go out for work. The shocking part is that my device (phone) started misbehaving when I wanted using it. It was a frustrating one since I didn't expect that.

Well, it is a device, it can be fixed though it will take time. I had to format the phone to get it working though it's still misbehaving. The sad part of it is that I have lost my data and files.

I still have hope because I'll get a new one in it time.

Thanks for reading.
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i hope you can get a better phone my friend. stay @actifit, and best wishes

thanks so much dear friend. you have really done me good. thats encouraging.