Day 6 - 450k steps in 30 days | Got a new cellphone

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The good news: I got an old cellphone repaired and I am back to using Actifit.

The bad news: It costed me 70 bucks to fix the screen.

On Saturday my cellphone was stolen, that means I spent several days without being able to post on Hive, but that's solved now.

Today I went grocery shopping to Walmart, which is around 4 kilometers from my current studio. I don't have a car and the city I'm loving in is practically just hill after hill; this means that owning a bicycle as a daily transport is pointless.

So that's it. Since I'm trying to save money, I'm walking everywhere. This means Alai (my dog) gets to do some exercise and get I walk around and clear my head while also doing house chores.

The thing is, Alai is getting old and she gets tired pretty quickly, that's why I enabled a backpack to carry her everywhere I go. I found a mirror like building wall and took the chance to get a quick pic.

Anyway, 12k steps is not that bad, a few Ks under my daily goal but nothing I can't deal with tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend Hivers!

By the way, if you have Instagram and you wanna keep in touch for more trivial stuff, feel free to add me @ericfna

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Good to see you, @anomadsoul! I know you took a break from Hive, but I don’t know how long you’ve been back. Bummer about your phone. But it’s great that you are doing Actifit and rockin’ the steps!

Hey Jayna! Me break was very refreshing but now I'm happy and energized to keep Hiveing around! Great to hear from you :)