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RE: My Actifit Report Card: December 9 2020

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Very nice decoration. I wish if I could share some from Germany. But I am too busy with all my study. I also waiting to see how corona go end and start school again . For the last couple of months, schools are closed in Bangladesh and I am not sure how things are going everyday. its hard for me from here. But I am hopeful and thanks for your generosity and waiting with love and kindness.


Stay safe! It's crazy here they won't close things officially they just yell at people to stay home but schools are open and people need to work because they won't shut down their business, so like ...what do they expect? They made a curfew as if that's going to help, but then they keep sending cops to raid and throw away homeless peoples' tents in the middle of freezing winter and where are they supposed to go? It's just cruel and inept leadership here. I hope the government is better in Bangladesh and Germany as far as doing the right thing and taking care of people. And I hope your school kids are OK with everything being closed. Hopefully the government is helping people?