Scrabble - ActifitCard: June 1 2020

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Yesterday was another day I won't forget in a hurry as I literally use the whole day to play Scrabble.
Yes, you heard me right.

After church service yesterday and the church was literally filled to the brim, I just couldn't believe my eyes as I saw many people trooping into the church from every angle

The wash hand was outside the church for people to wash there hands and be clean.

Also was the rule to use the face mask always because the state government authority are parading religious
houses to make sure they stick to the rules.

After church service.

I played Scrabble till I slept off.

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Ha ha! I didn't know scrabble was a sport! :)

Hope you stay safe and healthy, my friend.

Ready for the world championahip of scrabble I see lol! Practice makes perfect!