Running & Excel Sheet || Actifit Card: September 15 2020

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I think I need to start running as from now henceforth. I think there is need to warm up my blood cells and my organs because I sit down with my phone 24 hours in a day trying to mine so many tokens by blogging, posting content, commenting, doing this and that and checking so many things from here and there. I really needs to have my brain also warmed up I've come to notice that if someone did not exercise everyday there is probability that the person will start ageing, so there is need to be active in each and every day.

Yesterday I went to church to go and take the laptop so that I can do some Excel editing. I was able to do it to a particular point but I am still at it now though I intend to start my running procedure maybe tomorrow morning. If I can wake up very early but if I can't, then I have no choice but to do the exercise inside my room so far so good I am starting this week. Today has already been postponed till tomorrow, I hope and Pray that I am able to do this.
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