A Lovely Day •|• Actifit Card: January 12 2021

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This picture taken back in August 4, 1948, shows four young kids sitting on the front porch steps beside a sign that read, “4 Children for sale”. The picture also shows the mother (Lucille Chalifoux) in the background turning away from the camera. It turns out that Lucille could not afford to raise them. The picture shows four young children: SueEllen (top left), Lana (top right), Milton (bottom left), and Rae (bottom right). At that time, Lucille was pregnant with her fifth child, who she later gave birth to in 1949. The father had abandoned the family. Rae was sold for $2 in August 1950. Milton was standing nearby crying, so that family took him too. But their new father was abusive, so Rae ran away at 17. Milton was removed from the home, and ended up in a mental hospital diagnosed with “schizophrenia and having fits of rage”. He was released in 1967 at age 23. SueEllen was adopted, but it's unclear to what happened to Lana.

In this life,well have a choice, a choice to have the best out of life. I choose life and I'm happy where I am.

The day was good in every aspect, I get to see more and more people who might do better with my help and those who can help me, I also downloaded some videos too to do a reading bot class. I'm getting better by the day.
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