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RE: The Bright Side of a Pandemic

in Actifit7 months ago

This came through on Hive just fine! I was consistently getting the posting authority error message only when trying to claim pending rewards on PeakD on iOS. I chalked it up perhaps to HiveSigner and just kept logging out and back in every few hours. Seems to be working fully now with no errors since this afternoon.


Maybe you know this - when a post that I posted via steempeak before the switch pays out, should I claim the rewards via steempeak or Hive? Steempeak is showing higher earnings. Will that reward, like my prior steem wallet, just transfer to Hive?

As soon as Hive launched everything diverged, so you should claim your rewards on both! You should earn both Steem & Hive for the posts that were pending at the time. Values will be showing differently as the rewards pools & token values are now different.

Oh I am so glad I asked! Thank you!