It’s the final lockdown.....

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Did you ever get the feeling the entire planet has lost the plot somewhat? A random virus is keeping people indoors, isolated, away from work and when you get to go out standing two meters from each other. Pretty much the entire hospitality industry is in turmoil being shut for months. And next on the bankruptcy list are Care Homes - seeing as most of their paying customers are passing away from Coronavirus- and they are getting no new customers because who would put an elderly family member into a care home right now? Plus as the majority of people are not working - they have plenty of free time to look after their oldies themselves.

And that’s before we even start to think about the Steem Hard Feft 23.0 - just casually wiping out millions of dollars worth of Steem just because......I’m quite sure that won’t be just quietly passing through, and I certainly wouldn’t like to be anyone involved in it happening trying to explain to legal forces around the world how they can “justin-fy” it

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So many jobs lost during this time

Jobs and small business too, so many independent coffee shops, restaurants, public houses and hotels will never come back from this.

Yeah, that is so sad. I can feel their pain :(

Damn, I actually read the title with the tune of Final Countdown! Its the final lockdown...

Can't get it off my head now 😂

Same. As soon as I saw the title, I got the song in my head. It's a good song, though. I LOVED this when I was younger and still enjoy the tune.

As for the thoughts, strange times we're living in. I'm grateful for what I have, and feel for those hit the hardest. The collateral damage is massive. It gets overwhelming thinking about it—I have to stay in my bubble and escape into fiction often so I don't get lost in the things I have no control over. Music helps, though. ;)

It's an awesome song, and in a strange way while is fits many situations also makes a little bit of happiness spread out which we all need.

I totally agree all we can do right now is batten down the hatches, ride out the storm and hope we come out the other side - although what we will find left on the other side is a different matter.

Great to see you posting again though - Stay Safe 🌈

It actually works on so many levels...the final lockdown for #steem and possibly the first and last virus lockdown many of us will live to see. Or maybe I've just drunk too much coffee today the new Tanzanian Cima Fermentated coffee I just got in is totally off the chain, I cupped it and was like wow that's good. Then I brewed it in the Hario v60 and it was just amazingly fruity, then I had four aeropress's and it just kept getting better. Fermentation post harvest is really making the flavours pop on coffee.

This is pure madness. Never been a fan of care homes and think families should be looking after their own where possible. Lets hope this s over within a few months and some sort of normality can come back. I can't even get a take away coffee in this place as they are all shut down. At least you must have something unless all your clients are coffee shops. Think this is where online makes sense and businesses need to seriously get more organised after this.

Having been through the whole trying to care yourself for a severely ailing parent with my Mother bless I can tell you it's real tough especially when mental health is involved - families can only do so much especially when faced with someone who is wheelchair bound but somehow manages in the middle of the night to get out of bed out walk out of the house into the garden....

No doubt about it Coronavirus is a complete financial disaster for the hospitality trade and I don't think there will be enough financial support to keep many alive until they can re-open. It surely hit my sales as most of my customers were coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. But my business was never based on one product or sales avenue - so throughout I have been trading just selling coffee to domestic clients, especially green coffee to people who roast at home - it's actually a big market and very few people have realised they can sell 1kg of green coffee that requires very little work to home roasters instead of trying to sell roasted coffee to people that they have to..well roast! Plus I always had sales channels on eBay and Amazon that were always mocked because small low value orders - but now those small low value orders are in their thousands and keeping the good ship sailing. Insert smug face here <<<<<<<

I am really glad you went another route with online as that is the ticket right now. Did you see we have a coffee grower on here with his own plantation and branded coffee @razack-pulo

I had not seen @razack-pulo but have now, Indonesian coffee is a big seller for me so I might be able to add some of his product too.

I only found out last week when he posted about his coffee. Thought you might be interested as he hasn't marketed his brand anywhere and only supplies the village. Based in Gayo Highland,Sumatra. Katoomba coffee is the name.

The only consolation - or maybe not, is that we are all in the same storm. The fight with the virus is far from over, and it is going to take a while for things to go back to some normalcy. Maybe this is the beginning of a new era.

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