My Actifit Report Card: July 26 2021


Another late start to a blue sky day but quite windy. Watched a little Olympics in the morning

First of the spring orchids flowering in the front garden - dendrobium kingianum - taken as I walked to car to go for next covid test. I parked away from the testing centre so I could get some steps in on a lovely day. It feels like spring

No queue with only one person in front of me. Back home and a lot of time chatting with king parrots

The male and female are sweet. Mostly the male steps aside to share with his lady - not always

Currently there are two males - I do a bit of divide and rule to keep them apart.

Together again. Time for a virtual tour of places I have been this time last year

Coastal maroonhood

Front on to show the labellum

Rosette of the greenhood

Mimosa flowers in spring

New life growing from a tree fallen over

The colour orange

A little more Olympics in the afternoon. Trainer time to get steps in.

Did a few forex trades - short AUD.

Dinner: My wife did not want to eat. Butterflied lamb she found discounted done on bbq. Simple food.

Late night doing IM stuff. This is the game - work really late each evening to get through the blues

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