My Actifit Report Card: July 29 2021

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Bad night - asleep at 2 - awake at 4. The depression is working its way to the forefront. Each cycle of the flashes of news I see makes me more and more angry about the big farce.

Watched a bit of Olympics. Cannot really say what I saw. It is so sad to watch athletes busting their guts in empty stadiums and think about Japan footing the bill with no ticket sales

At least we have a blue sky day and really warm for July

Grevillea just opening.

Time for a virtual tour of places visited in the last year

Common ant orchid - chiloglottis formicifera

Grevillea - tiny

Spider grevillea

Wattle flower

Yellow pea flower

Sydney boronia on the higher slopes

Sun orchid standing tall

Not far from flowering

Guinea flower

Purple coral pea flower

Steps from the treadmill

Did finish the blog post overnight

Dinner - my wife bought king prawns when she shopped. I learned how to butterfly them

Cooked on bbq with lemon garlic butter. Yum. And a nice fillet steak and salad. The cooking helps my mood.

Must say I got spitting mad listening to the Health Minister ranting about vaccine. They cannot even deploy a test to separate covid from the flu. And I am 10 days into self isolation and I know full well I have neither have clue nor covid nor any other ailment.

Trade action: Sold DJMC.AS. Sold USD for AUD. Another losing trade short AUDUSD
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