My Actifit Report Card: May 14 2020

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Went for a run 🏃‍♀️ and then hit the bag and did some pull ups and now I’ll be rewarding myself with popcorn and new episodes of Rick and Morty


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Love the delicate hand on phone when taking a pic. Rick and Morty is fun. I flavoured my popcorn with nutrisional yeast yesterday and it was delicious!

Yaaas Queen! It’s a force of habit from how I drink my tea ☕️ pinky out and shit, swish swish! What does the yeast do other than taste? Does it have other fancy pants benefits? Like better bone structure so my selfies look worth posting

It has a whole host of health benefits, which I have no idea if they are legit or not, but it tastes good!

I need details, is it salty or sweet or tangy? Use your words, and paint me a picture like one of your French girls!

I normally go salt, butter salt or salt and vinegar! I’ve gone with icing sugar and made caramel popcorn but it’s not my go to

It has a kind of umami taste to it. Vegans use it to get a cheesy type of taste to their foods.

Ah I see, kinda getting the picture now, I wonder if a vegan would die if I threw it on my bacon burger 🍔

Every time you think of bacon, a vegan dies.

Isn't lovely when you can treat yourself with goodies after doing exercises? It feels more deserving somehow😂

Lol it’s always better to motivate yourself with a carrot 🥕 over a stick in my opinion so I fully agree with you! How do you like to spoil yourself? You always seem to talking about Irish coffee lol oh and the Romanian chocolate 🍫 is that the best combination?

Hahha truee. I love irish coffee just because when I studied at University that's what I always had in my lunch breaks with my friends. Rom chocolate bar is amazing, my grandmother always took me such bar when she took her pension. So I am emotionally attached by these sweets. I like to indulge myself with raspberriess I love them❤️ Joe bar with dark chocolate, and pretty much anything with dark chocolate. I really miss some sweets of my childhood called Poieni biscuits. I can't find them anymore and my grandma always bought them for me. They were coated with black chocolate and quite soft crunchy. I had a thing for eating ice cream only in winter. 🙈 I stopped 1 year ago. Because it seems my throat gets too sensitive now (gettin' old🤣). And I loooove a cake with lemon cream. Here we call it snow white cake. Oh myyy why did u ask now I am drooling🤣🤣

Ah so all your favourite snacks have lots of great moments attached to them makes sense, I hope they’ll bring you many more and that you’ll share the magic with others! I’m always keen to try snacks from other countries to try and get a feel for how this part of the world treats themsleves you can tell a lot about people by the way they reward themsleves as a collective

So you have a taste for the dark chocolate the raw good stuff 😋😛 I like it too I’ve been eating more of it now that I’m on my fitness buzz and stay away from the refined chocolate for now! Once I’m at my goal fitness I’ll try some normal chocolate again

Oh gosh, cakes and tarts that’s an entire other rabbit hole we could fall under! I love a peppermint tart it’s a South African favourite and super rich

Oh pepperminttt yesss I love after eight mini chocolates with dark chocolate and mint filling inside😍nom nom nom

Ah I think that sounds so yummy chocolate and mint is one of my favourite combinations of tastes but I don’t get to eat it often

😭😭😭 I want some now!

Do you only like sweet treats or do salty treats also get your attention?

Hahahaha we talk about sweets and food like we crave it for years 😂😂🙈I like salty treats, like salted caramelised crunchy almonds and nuts, pistachio (yum yum but expensive😂) and anything with cumin. Anything stuffed inside a pancake (salted or sweet) and goulash. I ADORE GOULASH❤️😍one of my favorite foods. Oh stop asking me I can go on for hours talking about food😂😂

LOL yes like we were on some island stranded for years and we finally getting to eat normal good food again

I love nuts 🥜 I’m actually having cashew nuts right now, they are my favorite

I’ve never had goulash before I’d love to try it, is it better when you make it yourself or from a restaurant?

Lol I don’t mind encouraging this side of you

That looks relaxed! A good friend always Said i should go watching Rick and morty but never did it should be fun ✌️

The episodes are very short, you can watch an entire season before you finish a bowl of popcorn lol! You should try it then we can discuss it, it critiques so much to what we think, full of meta commentary

I will try :) i have heard its very interesting ironic

Enjoy your time bro :) ⚽️

Thanks mate! Pity they only released two episodes

I love popcorns but I reward myself with some snacks always if I do something productive :D

Lol seems like plenty of us like this reward method of getting things done, what is your favourite snack?

Well, I treat myself with cheese chips or maybe Lays with Cola... I can consume 2 packets chips at a time :D Sometimes Nuts :P Sometimes chocolate cookies but depends on my mood.. Sometimes a large bar of chocolate :D

Do you ever mix salty and sweet treats at the same time or so you rather go salty today and next time sweet?

No, I don't do that, in fact I am not a sweet tooth person, so maximum time I go with salty but when I crave something sweet then I take something sweet. :D

lol I’m more of a sweet tooth, which I would go for most times I can look past salty stuff for a while until I get a major craving! Which is usually solved with a big bowl of popcorn and then my mouth is super dry and feels funny lol

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