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RE: Operation Sack Lunch, part one

in Actifit9 months ago

Great work spreading some goodness in the world, we sure do need it. This side we don't really have to go looking for them, they come looking for us, I get at least 3 people knocking on my door a day for food and hey you can only give so many but we do try


Thank you. :) That's good that you try to help when you can! I know it's hard. I wish I could do so much more. No one should be in that position in the first place, our society's priorities are all messed up. :(

I fully agree with you, it shouldn’t have to be this hard for people to feed themselves! I don’t even know how we start to fix all of this, I just really hope things like BTC work out and give us a second chance! Something has to change, just want it to be done peacefully