The Daily Highlight Reel...

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Hello and welcome to the daily highlight reel.. and its gotta be twice as good since yesterday wasn't even post worthy..

So after #themorningbowl I took Alaska out to play at the #dogpark... she was depressed because she's the only one here..



She perked up once a couple other dogs arrived..



Is that a smile?



Then I was trolling #steemleo and saw the crypto market bleeding.. fuck it I got a extra $40.. and @theycallmedan says always buy the dip..



Then it was off errand running.. first stop? Emily is out of weed so I gave her a ride...



Then truck needed some TLC so I took it to Meineke for a radiator flush..



See the guy on the right.. perfect #ophumanangel opportunity...

Ready the donation...



He let me get a pic but didn't want his face shown..



Then it was off to lunch next door at Del Taco for a Macho burrito..



@zekepickleman ... I know you're a hockey fan... and a degenerate.. have you seen @summertooth NHL playoff contest ? Here's your chance to win some silver.. this is what I'm putting up..



Finally done with errand running it's time to relax and enjoy a cold one..



Peace out y'all.. Dave


Daily Activity


Alaska is GORGEOUS!

Ssshhhh... don't tell her that. She'll get a big head

hahaha!!! :P

Awww... so glad Alaska found playmates after all! A burrito?
Oh yeah!!!! That is the silver round that I like!!! I need to join that contest to win that! Or you can just send that one to me 🤣😂!!!
Have a wonderful evening, my friend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙! So thankful for partiko! I found yours and other peeps posts! I’ve been so confused these couple of days with steemit!

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I feel ya. I've been learning Steempeak

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