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RE: My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2021

in Actifit5 months ago

This is an especially trying time of year for weather conditions! Your game has to be getting better, the conditions are worse, and yet, your scores aren't. I can only imagine how nice it will be when the weather starts cooperating.

I really need to go back and revisit GIMP. I started using Ribbit and never gave it a chance. It does make an interesting shot. Thanks for the reminder. There are so many good tools out there that are free, I really need to be more mindful about them.

Thanks as always - and good morning from here!


The weather today was really nice. Spring seems to be just around the corner but there could be some more rain tomorrow.

GIMP has been one of my favorite free programs. They keep making improvements on it and there are a lot of nice things already. For certain things I miss some of the more expensive paid for programs but not enough to upgrade all my software. Many of the expensive programs I purchased are not even being maintained any longer.

Thank you and good evening back! 😃