My Actifit Report Card: May 3 2021

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Hi guys and thanks for stopping by!

We got up this morning with the intention of making a trip to Tractor Supply and the Home Depot. We needed a T-post from Tractor Supply, and of course I found something perfect for my garden oasis. They have an unusual array of wind chimes with solar power lights atop of them. That had been what I was going to get until I saw this........

What’s more this sunflower

spins! It’s kind of like a yard ornament and a wind chime all rolled into one. It has a really nice tone. Not bad for &19.96! Home Depot had some with much smaller tubes and smaller overall-not nearly as nice as this one. Their’s were $24.96. I think I came out the winner! 😎😁

I also picked up some pots to plant my remaining petunias in, along with a couple of herbs and a lavender plant.

The little grey snails I mentioned yesterday prompted me to buy slug/snail bait. I’ve worked too hard to have all my efforts destroyed by them. When I went to take a look at the greenhouse tonight, to my horror I found multiple little vermin in there!🙀🙀🙀. I pulled them out and sent them sailing through the air, far, far away. I then got my bait out and made sure that it’s around the outside and inside of the greenhouse. I then looked over to find a slug on one of my onions!!🙀🙀🙀. I removed home and gave him his own personal dose of bait! Be gone!!!😡

I then sat for a spell in my garden swing. It had begun to rain.

I ordered the mini split today. It should arrive in 1-3 weeks. That’s @silvertop’s project. After its completion, he has promised to begin work on my kitchen! It’s looooooong over due!

That’s gonna be it for now. I’ve heard @actifit-lamb making plans with her brothers, sisters and cousins, about taking my garden cart for a downhill run! I might have to nip that in the bud, lol 😂 Take care and have a good night! 🤗👣🐑😎🙀🤣☀️🐌😴
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Oh the wind chime is so fun! And of course so is the Box of Kitty!

Hi @jayna! Yes, we get a variety of boxed kitties here. Right now there are no less than 3 different boxes for them. We try to break the boxes down, and just when we are about to do it, we find one of them in it, lol! It's like they know we're going to reduce the number! Crazy kitty boys!

There are 2 of the sunflowers on the top-one on each side, that spin independently of each other. It's pretty cool! Thanks for commenting! Take care!

Very cool wind chime - I'm trying to pick something up for our daughter and her new playhouse that took me weeks to put together (it was supposed to take an hour, lol); that looks like a cool idea for one, as she loves sunflowers.

Awesome! I love the sound of wind chimes and they seem to have so many with different designs; it was hard to choose. This one is about 18-24" from the top to the chime tubes. I am sure your little girl would love one like this. Take care!

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nice wind chime

nice wind chime

Thanks @runridefly! I failed to show the sunflower is actually 2 independent sunflowers that both spin. It's really pretty cool. They have a lot to choose from and I suspect I'll add another or more to the garden. Take care!

A windchime!!! And you place it by your swing! LOVELY!!!

I am going to slowly expand the little oasis into almost like a she-cave but a garden. A place to rest and relax.🤗😘💕🌸

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