Lockdown, Rain & Snack


Strict lockdown continue in Bangladesh for two weeks. You can see the picture of the highway where there is no vehicle at all. Most of the government offices are closed and doing the emergency work in virtually. Some emergency officers has to be open to some extent to maintain some emergency services to the mass people. It is rainy season here in Bangladesh and in this season normally the field are flooded with water. Special in the village area we can have the experience of snacks of many kinds.

Snake stays in the bush throughout the year but when the rainy season the bush is flooded with water then it is difficult for that snacks to stay there that's why they come to the topmost area where people live. This is very common picture of the rainy season in the village areas of Bangladesh and in the second photograph you can see a snake is entering into a room which is captured by someone in my office. Among all kinds of snacks all are not dangerous but some are very dangerous. The snake you can see in the photograph is not a big one but a kid. The kid of dangerous snakes are always dangerous because they causes poison. This time I need to be much more careful in many ways like the Corona problem the rainy season the lockdown and the snake attack. It is very crucial time we are spending because some of us are losing our jobs and in that time it is difficult to maintain the family expenses without work. Hopefully this situation will not run from long and we can have the better days again for all classes of people whether they are businessman job holder or any other profession. Be careful and always try to open your eyes in this critical situation where anyone can be affected with any problem anytime. Thank you very much to all of you for stopping by and expecting your better future for the upcoming days.
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