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After a week of being absent, here I am with over 10,000 steps for today. I've been missing for a week as I suffered a small back injury on Monday and for two days I could only make a few steps with my walking stick.

On Wednesday I was happy I could walk at home without a walking stick but was still in pain. Friday was better though, almost good as new but the five days rest made me weak.

10,000 steps after five days of total rest is a bit too much for how I feel but it wasn't intentional, just had to go somewhere and this is what the stepcount shows. It was a very slow walk, so I don't know how much calories I was able to burn but it doesn't really matter as that wasn't my first priority. I'm happy I was able to finally get out of the house and walk this much.

I'm resting now and hope tomorrow will be better.

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