My Actifit Report Card: My Lazy Day

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Umhhp! There are most days, just feel like staying indoor and all to myself but for the sake of work, I really do not have an option but to wake up, do my chores and be at the workplace but that day actually is always a boring day for me at the office.

So, yesterday was no exception as I woke up with the feeling of been home alone, but had no option other than to stand up from bed and prepare myself for work. Although I woke up early but the other part of me that wants to be indoor would not allow me to leave the house early, so I always end up doing things sluggishly and tiredly and ended up going to work at about noon.

Jeez, can you imagine going to work that late, I was already freaking out that my boss was going to be in the office and would scold me for coming to work this late on Monday morning but when I picked my phone and put a call across to one of my colleagues, I was told, my boss was not yet in the office. That alone boosted my confidence to go to work.

Got to work and was not feeling like doing anything, but I had to force myself to carry out the two task I had plans of doing although there was no light in the office but my phone battery was full and could take me as long as I want.

So I set my mind on completing the task although sluggish and at about 4:00
pm, the weather was threatening to break hell loose, and I knew if this met me here, I wouldn't be able to go home, so I did what needs to be done.

I packed my bag and headed out greeting my colleague who did not want to go back home yet farewell. I headed home before the rain started drizzling but unfortunately, while on the road, I hit a stone with my leg which caused my slippers to cut. I felt devastated because the weather was not friendly and everyone would be thinking of going home to avoid the rain.

I just knew there was no way I was going to get a shoe cobbler, so I removed slippers from my leg and walked barefooted home, with the hole to sowing the slippers the next day.

I got home on time, took my shower, and decided to lie down and sleep since the rain has started moreover, the network was becoming terrible due to the bad weather.

But unfortunately, I could not sleep as I kept on turning from one angel of the bed to the other restlessly. I could not pinpoint what exactly was making me restless, so I just lay on the bed and counted the ceiling. I don't know when I drifted to sleep but was awaken by my ring tone signifying someone was calling.

When I checked who it was, I was extremely happy to see who it was, picked up the call, talked for some minutes before I bade him goodbye, and went back to sleep.
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