My Actifit Report Card: After a while

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Hey guys, how are you all doing? It's been like weeks now, and I have not done my Actifit report and that is because my lazy me always end up doing the count but always forget to post it.

And because of this lazy attitude of mine, I decided to stop the count and just do my normal post a day to avoid all of that.

Well, I am after a long while. You will notice that even my count down today is pretty low, like lower than I thought.

But notwithstanding, I still have to post it to avoid it getting wasted at the end of the day.

So, here is how far my day went. I was not able to go out because of the rain and I was indoors trying to finish up a project work that is supposed to have been done a few days ago but because of my laziness, I had to suspend the stuff till today.

Well, been a fast typer that I was, I was able to finish the work will I wait for the rain to subside.

When the rain finally subsided, I left for work and when I got there, the girls were already in the office waiting for their work.

I showed them the already typed work on my laptop and told them what they need to do to make their work completed.

After working, I had to rest a little since the rain began to pour down again. So, I slept off and only woke up at about 3:am, when someone came to the office.

Pleasantry was exchanged and we began to talk before we decided to talk about the kind of movie we have in our phone gallery.

The movie was exchanged and when I checked the time, it was time for church. Gathered up my things, I said my goodbye and headed to church.

I was lucky enough to meet my Pastor who was also heading to church and he asked me to hop into the tricycle he was also boarding.

Got to the church quite late but not really bad. It was a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord.

We finished in church and I left for home. Got home and went to rest because I did not feel like eating.
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