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It's a pity that many Christians have taken to the job of criticizing and judging people all because of their mistakes thinking that they are more perfect than others and Christ knew that a time will come when Christians will point hands at people and that is why scripture warned us before hands about judging people.

Do not judge, so you will not be judged because that same hand you use to point at others will be pointed at you. No one is perfect whether we see ourselves as Christians and see others as none Christians, it is pertinent that we do not be fast to judge anybody.

If we see or realize that someone did or is doing something that isn't right, it is pertinent and advisable that we call them aside and talk to them or advise them with love because we can't tell the reason why they behaved or acted the way they did or why they said what they said.

What we saw when watching others depends on the clarity of the window through which we are looking from and let's not be too quick to judge others especially if we do not know them or haven't listened to their reason or point of view.

Judging others doesn't define who they are, but it defines who we are. If we judge, let us not forget that we will be judged as well. It doesn't matter what we think is right, and the right thing we think should be done, judging others based on their attitude isn't the right thing that should be done.

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We've heard the proverbs that say, never judge a book by its cover because most times, the cover might be rough but that doesn't mean the content isn't worth your time. So also we should learn not to judge people by what we stand afar to see.

God does not advise it because He knows nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. So if we judge someone because of his or her mistake, let's not forget that our turn shall come when we will make mistakes and will not escape the eyes of others who are watching us.

God is the only judge of all and only Him can judge us accordingly and rightly. Don't seat in eh counsel of those who does not but sit all day to watch people make mistakes so that they can judge them. They too will also fall victim one day just like the men who plotted against Daniel and because of their plan, he was thrown into the lion's den but they later we're the ones thrown into the den.

Stop judging people because you will be judged one day.
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