Beet to take over the world

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Have you ever tried beet between your burger? No, not beet burger pattys, but grated beet mixed with a little Hellmans mayo?

I don't know where I got the craving to try it, but the idea, that I would want to try homemade burgers with beet, started formulating in my head a few months ago and wouldn't leave.

Perhaps I got it from the local burger place called Uulits, I think they might have served burgers with beet, but not sure.

So I'll have to give it a whirl myself. Anyhoo, it's easy. Just mildly toast some bread, add mayo, burger patties (of course you made these yourself), mild mustard, sliced pickles, tomatoes, bacon and if you have, a leaf or two of rucola. Some of you lads might call it arugula. And top it off with the beet mix.

Goddamn it was good. Imma have to start selling these!

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I love burgers and beets so this sounds like a great combo. I will have to give it a try.

Great to hear that other people besides me are willing to try it!

I'll pass on the tomato and take the rest! 🤤

You know what they say, a tomato a day keeps the earworm away!

Beets are delicious ! 😋

Never had beets before in a burger sandwich but sure looks really delicious to me. And I'm sure lots of people will be buying your beet burgers. Yay...way to make money...

People need to eat, right? And why not eat well

teeme kaupa rolton su vôiku vastu

Ainult siis kui peedi-Rollton

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