HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED TO A LIFE // My Actifit Report Card: April 2 2020

in hive-193552 •  2 months ago 

If you can't help me, please don't hurt me;

If you cant give me cloths to wear then do not decide on what I should even wear;

If you can't feed me then do not decide on how I should look, whether healthy or lean;

If you can't pray for me then do not say anything at all to me.

You can only talk to me if you have contributed to my life.
Yes because there is a saying that goes thus:-

You can only control the person or life whom you have invested or contributed to.
So search your conscience, have you ever contributed or impacted on that life your are scolding?

Have you bought some clothes for that girl or boy you are looking down on?

Have you paid that girl's school fees before, before you mock at her illiteracy?
Have you?

I live you with this, good morning pals.

I remain



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