2 days no WiFi, England lost to Italy, HRT, Foot acid didn't work & Covid rising! πŸ˜”: July 13th 2021


Dear friend, πŸ™‹

How is your week so far? Good I hope. 😊

I haven't had WiFi for the last 2 days, since England lost to Italy in the Eurocup final by one penalty! I actually cried! 😭

The HRT hasn't kicked in yet so I'm still exhausted from lack of sleep, to add to this the 3 month acid treatment to the wart on the sole of my foot didn't work; so I'm limping again. As if that wasn't enough, I still have a fever from the vaccine last week and the cases are rising rapidly in my area. All this means I won't be making the minimum steps to post unless things improve, I'm quite unwell. πŸ˜”

Thanks for stopping by, stay safe, alive and enjoy the rest of your week, Lee πŸ˜‰

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