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RE: My Actifit Report Card: May 10 2020

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The situation here is also getting worst now...
But the good things is that we can order over phone or on online and they store deliver to your doorstep (the deliverable are as per availability). So most of time you will not get 100 percent of the order items.
We place all the item in one compartment in our kitchen and let them there for like more then 4-5 days.


I've been doing that (leaving them separate for a few days) with things I order (like, recently I ordered cat food online), but admittedly not grocery shopping, especially since a lot of that goes in the fridge and I start eating it right away. X3 I have seen some folks online say that when ordering groceries online the site warns them that certain items are low on stock, so that may vary as well. It's actually better here than it was a month or even two months ago. Slooooowly stock is being replenished, and/or supply chains are shifting to more grocery store supplies and less restaurant and office supplies.