Getting ready for the #HiveRun

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Today was a regular working day and I spent most of my time behind the desk working on work for clients...

The US election is making headlines and I tuned into CNN a couple of times just to see the latest updates. Now I'm not political by any means and I normally try to avoid CNN but what I did find noteworthy.... Is the ability of the CNN newscasters to keep talking without there being any update! Hahah it's uncanny! 6 hours of no real updates in the race and they manage to just keep repeating and I do mean REPEATING different scenarios...
It's... It's a skill I guess 😃😃😃.

I finished my day being going on a late night run. We have a curfew here at 11pm so I just have to make sure I get back before that. Sometimes I push it to the edge where I actually have to run back to make it 😃. Haha any motivation is welcome I guess.
I'm running mostly to stay in shape but also to get ready for the upcoming #HiveRun. You can read about @JeanlucSR 's idea here...

That's it for me today!
#HiveBloPoMo streak at 4 😎
Hope you had a great one!

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