Basketball and the #HiveRun (My Actifit Report Card: November 9 2020)

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Today was a good day in sports!
I finally played pick up basketball again!
It's been a roller coaster with covid and we all have to find a balance between sports and being careful and at this point it seems to be under control here in Curacao.

So today after about 4 week I finally got to play again!!!

Also I joined the #HiveRun! This was an idea coming from @JeanlucSR and you can see the blog post here

Now to be honest I didn't hear anything else and I'm not sure if others joined but here I am running at 11pm AFTER playing basketball 😭😭😭

The goal was for everyone to run 1 mile (1.6 km) on world freedom day and say what freedom meant to you. To keep the context, freedom to me is being able to go where you wanna go.. That means physically being able to go somewhere and the freedom to choose how. I feel the freedom when I go for a run in the middle of the night. It's quiet, just you and yourself, on the road, under the stars. That's freedom to me in this sense!

That's it for me today (this is also my second post today 😃).
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