What's your favorite coffee?

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So I've been thinking...
What does your favorite coffee say about you?
Haha it might be absolutely nothing but it seems like a good question to start with.

Here's the thing, for years I refused to drink coffee. I saw my mom, uncles and aunts seemingly unable to function properly unless they had their morning coffee. It was probably much less dramatic than I remember it but it did leave an impression on me.
My thoughts we're why would I consciously get hooked on what was to me 'liquid drugs'???

Fast forward about 20 years...
I've seemingly put myself into an experiment (or so I tell myself). For the last couple of years I've been drinking coffee on and off. At first it started as an occasional thing, a Starbucks date with my little sister or a friend, a little coffee at some family gathering...
Then it progressed to meetings, I mean the term let's grab a coffee means a lot in my entrepreneurial world; it's an opportunity for business, it's catching up on the industry, it's working together on a project...
But it's also more than that, it's part of the Social scene here. Curacao has a few special baristas and it's they've had a lot of success turning it to a cool spot to hang out/meet up (for the middle /upper middle class cause the prices aren't always low).
You have cool spots like Number Ten, Kafe 5999... And that's besides the McCafe and Starbucks chains.

Come to think of it, and here is where my marketing brain works, coffee has been consciously and subconsciously promoted in a great amount of moments and series. Think about it, it's shown in every household, it's shown in every workplace, it's a reason for characters to go on a date, it's even a spot where they work from.... We've just been brainwashed to see coffee as an everyday thing.
I'm secretly hoping one of you pops up with a theories/evidence of the coffee industry having tremendous lobbying power 😃😃😃

Now back to my 'experiment'...
Like I said, in recent years I've been drinking more. It has now gotten to a point that I look for 'energy' when I'm tired... But also that I relate my cup of coffee with "okay, I'm gonna get behind my laptop and finish working on this project".
But the truth is, it doesn't always work. Not only doesn't it magically give me the motivation, but it also literally doesn't always give me energy.
I mean I can probably fall asleep after a cup.

I'm really interested in this (for some reason) so I'd love for you to participate.

  1. what's your favorite coffee?
  2. why do you drink coffee?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Los quiero todos🖤

Big coffee is out to get us man, with those lobbyists! Lol.

I’m fairly new to the coffee scene, I think I started drinking it two years ago or so. I only stick with one cup a day though because I can’t sleep if I have it too late.

I say one ‘cup’ but the thing is big lol. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow!