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RE: Starting a self imposed challenge: 450,000 steps in 30 days using Actifit

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You need to be very persistent. But seeing the daily leaderboard in the actifit app, it seems that achieving 450,000 activities are not impossible. A few guys are regularly making 30k daily activities . Good luck 👍


I find it pretty hard to believe that people are getting 30k+ steps a day without having a job where they're walking all day. It's that or some sort of cheat feature like strapping the cellphone to your dog or just waving it constantly during the day.

I reach 15k steps on average but I walk/run for around 4 hours a day.

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

I have checked that 1-hour on the treadmill makes a 10k plus activities with a pace of 6 km/h. So, if someone has a job where he needs to walk a lot, 50k activities is not impossible (a 5 hours walk approximately). And who are performing such activities on a regular basis (according to the leaderboard) for a long time, I think its genuine.

Thanks for the reply 👍 😀 🙂.