My Actifit Report Card: September 17 2020

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Today was another day of not a TON of “activity”. My fiancée and I have been separated by covid for over 5 months and she returned last week!

She is from Chile and despite living here multiple times, she has only ever been here in the winter. Therefore, we have been driving around quite a bit this week exploring different parts of Vermont.

Even though I grew up here, it's caused me to find a ton of places I had either completely misremembered, never heard of, or was entirely mistaken about my beliefs of having been to said place before. I have been surprised of how little I even know my own small state.


That is to say, I am living in a different part of the state than I ever have; at least, like my fiancee, as we try to travel together as much as possible; never in the non-winter.

Either way, today we wanted to get up early to go explore before I had to go into my shift at the Thai restaurant. We didn't get up very early. On top of that, neither of us were feeling as adventurous as we previously had been and a few additional delays put our day plans on hold.

On the way back from the bank we decided to stop by a river spot I had heard of from a co-worker; but every previous attempt at visiting I found it to be packed with people. Today was finally our day.

I knew the contours of the river in that area were pretty amazing but what we found so quickly behind the market was so much more intricate and beautiful than I expected. I am so grateful to be living in such a beautiful place and to be continuing to find places such as this on a weekly basis.


I am even happier that now my fiancee can join me in doing so. It has been a wonderful week :)

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