My Actifit Report Card: September 25 2020

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Today was my first day off in several weeks and we had a BIG day planned. As usual, our plans changed several times.

Firstly, we didn't really get "up" until close to 11 am. Then was breakfast, showers, bullshit that comes in between. Arguing with my sister over previous plans that had deteriorated; then as she changed her mind again, me trying to explain to her that I understand that with an infant things change frequently but my life cannot afford to have these frequent changes either(we live an hour away from each other and I am always having car issues so it does become quite a thing).

Eventually we got our the door. We went to a mini-ramp(skateboard term for y'all that don't know) my friend "discovered". Living in rural Vermont you sometimes discover these things; this one is on a common route I drive.. but one day a friend of mine went to turn around and found it behind an Inn. The Inn-owner came out and spoke to him and explained he used to skate when he was younger and had built the ramp for his children that are no longer around; so it was kind of a hidden ramp that everyone is welcome to skate; yet until recently none of us knew about it.

I have been teaching my fiancee to skate. I took out the deck(I'm bad at explaining our plans; she's from Chile so I like to just show her my area without explaining what we are doing; because it's just kind of the way I am (shrug emoji)) and she revealed to me she forgot to bring her shoes that were appropriate to skate in. So we just got back in the car and continued.

We went to a local, absolutely beautiful, reservoir and state park. It was a dam built to prevent the floods that had killed many people in the area in the early 20th century. I will do a separate post about the area/dam/reservoir at some point because it does have a fascinating history.


Rain killed our next prospect; so I went to go show her a local swimming hole. She said it was her favorite place in Vermont she had seen before, which made me feel really good. Nothing makes me feel better than making her happy.

My phone was on limited battery the whole day so I didn't take many pictures. Above is the swimming hole.

Stay spooky y'all

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Damn that place looks incredible! I love finding things like that!

The local guy with a mini ramp, what more could you want for a hidden gem?! We didn’t have many of those but we did end up building something in a friends back yard and skated it for several months before it deteriorated. It was such a great few weeks!

It’s cool that your fiancée is interested in skating, that’s a lot of fun when they try it with you. My wife got pretty good at snowboarding but then got an important job so she couldn’t hurt herself, then we had a kid so hopefully someday she will hit the slopes with me again!

It's crazy how much of a hidden gem it is. It's a REALLY nice ramp. A solid 25-30 feet wide, maybe 4 foot tall, really well built; it's still crazy to me how none of the skate community had even known about it during the first 5 years after it's construction.

I got her to start skating a little bit last year. She was insanely natural in the way she just pushed from the first hour. She is definitely very intimidated though so it takes a lot of convincing and I don't think she believes me when I tell her how rare her immediate comfort and form with it is. I hope she keeps up the interest. And she was no worse at snowboarding. This winter was her first efforts and she could link turns almost immediately. Again, I don't think she believed me when I tried to convince her she was so naturally talented. But I think she's definitely going to continue to do both when she has time.

You gotta get the kid on a board! Then she definitely will!

Bloody good picture out of a phone camera and it looks like a really nice spot.

Ahh yes. That was due to a free iPhone 8 I got last year by finding a loophole in their promotion. Still pretty proud of that one! Haha

I've got the Samsung S20 for my personal phone and an iPhone X for work...It's really amazing the photos a phone can take these days huh? It's always a great day when one here's someone got something for free from Apple! Lol. Nice work.

and yes, that spot is amazing. Which leads to overcrowding. However, the spot has also been very fatal, and a solid half dozen kids have drowned there during high water times.

I went there frequently as a teenager. I haven't been there in a few years, and upon re-visiting I noticed they put up signs acknowledging the drownings to deter people. And it seems to be working.

It's both sad and good.. sad history, nice to see it not swamped with people.. I guess

Yep, sometimes water, rocks and human beings aren't a good mix. Just on another note...You think she forgot her shoes or...purposely left them home so she didn't have to skate? Lol.

Hahahahah it's definitely a possibility! She would never admit that though