Dystopian Happiness

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Is it a dystopian society if everyone doesn't see it that way? The latest Isaac Arthur YouTube video goes over the idea of a "post-discontent society" in which people feel their needs are met even though they are not.

As an example the video cites the Star Trek episode "The Return of the Archons". Everyone on the alien planet seems happy and cheerful to the point of being uncomfortable to the crew members visiting the planet. A computer had been brainwashing the population for thousands of years in order to maintain a peaceful society.

Just like machine tools a society can keep citizens in good condition to be the most productive. Well feed, free of disease and elimination of as much stress as possible. Healthy people tend to work hard and citizens who have their needs met have little reason to rebel.

The video also discussed the possibility of humans serving under an artificial intelligence overlord. It doesn't have to be a single A.I. program. Much like how in modern society there are mayors and senators multiple A.I. programs could be in control of different geographic locations.

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