The time has come - Actifit Report: April 6 2020

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It is time for my nightly ritual, in which I hilariously attempt to express myself when my brain (such as it is) wants nothing more than sleep! In true form — with infinite wisdom, and per my nightly routine, I somehow believe I can outsmart the Sandman, whose presence is harkened by the telltale signs of the fading of consciousness, and the soporific softness of the pillows behind my head beckoning me into slumber.

But no! I resist! I have a blog post to write! I must share something intriguing about my day, and the manner in which I acquired my steps! I must... not... sleep.

Okay I’m sort of kidding, sort of not. It is much more challenging that you would think to stay awake long enough to write 3 to 5 paragraphs when you feel like you’re walking through that field of poppies in The Wizard of Oz and you just cannot stay vertical.

Sometimes I fall asleep and drop my phone! I have also been known to somehow accidentally double tap my screen (or something) which must select everything I have written, and then I hit a single character or perhaps the space bar and everything I typed goes POOF! Then I shake myself awake and have to start over. And sometimes after publishing one of my late-night posts, I wake up the next day and discover my post from the night before is full of typos!

Okay anyway, I have been working from home since our stay-at-home order was issued a few weeks ago, and I really do need to get out for a walk and fresh air at the end of the day. It feels necessary for mental health and well-being. And I did get out walking tonight, but just around my neighborhood. It is exactly 1,000 steps for each loop. So to get to 10,000 steps, I just have to go once around for every thousand steps I need to hit my goal. I was at about 5k before I started, so I walked 5 times around.

I’m afraid I only have one picture from today — my neighbor’s house with the sun setting behind. You almost want to call the fire department, don’t you?

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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It does look like a raging fire! I hope you get a fabulous night's sleep.

Thank you, @emergehealthier! I love it so.

I have done the same exact thing. In fact I dare say only a true Hiver has had the pleasure of what I call sleep posting. There are times when I wake and I have found some inherent sentences. Hey at least they were not naughty LOL!

Oh my gosh, so it's not just me. I write incoherent things too, and it is SO amusing. Sometimes it's just random characters. Other times they are word-like things that have the slight reminiscent quality of words, but are not actual words. I have been tempted on numerous occasions to take a screen shot just for grins. But ahem. I'm a serious writer, you know! Thanks for visiting, @old-guy-photos!

That is a pretty incredible sun~ You should mix it up and try to walk when you first get up! How different your day would go! You would be ready for bed again!!!! :)

Beautiful shot!


Yes, I should definitely mix it up. Ha ha. The thing that can't change is posting late in the day when I have collected all of my steps for the day. (We Actifit-enthusiasts want all the points we can get!) I love walking so much, though, I love all times of the day! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, @dswigle. And thank you for the tip!

Oh, I get my steps in, but, you can set everything up in your post except for your steps, which you add before you hit go! Mix it up~ You will be surprised how much better you will sleep being able to relax before bed. Or perhaps it will work against you!

Yikes! :)

The picture is impressive. In one glance, it seems to be on fire (thank God it's not), and on another glance, it looks to be glowing, like a big Christmas light show.

Falling asleep at the keyboard is par for the course with me. I have woke many a time with one letter filling up pages of a Word document because I fell asleep with my fingers on a key or two.

By the way, I finally have my Fitbit and walking shoes, time to get to it tomorrow! I am hoping to try Actifit posting for the first time tomorrow morning after a walk.


Ha ha, oh yes, the string of characters. I've done that one too. Hilarious!

Congrats on getting all set up for Actifit. I love it SO much. I will warn you. It is a tad addictive. But in a good way! There are much worse addictions. :-)

Thanks for visiting, @joebrochin! See you on Actifit.

It is the type of addiction I need!

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i feel your tiredness - and that one picture is truly beautiful!

Beautiful shot and it does look a raging fire in the background. I have been known to nod off and My iPad slide to the floor. Luckily it’s still in one piece 😂