Wednesday Walk - Actifit Report: August 5 2020

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We didn’t leave on our walk until 8 pm tonight, which is officially too late now that we are in the downhill side of summer. But the trail was lovely. I only managed to get a few pictures of tonight’s walk due to sunset, so I’ll add a few additional pictures from walks I’ve taken over the past few days that I haven’t yet posted.


That was my first trail picture tonight. The next one, taken just a few minutes further down the trail looks much darker. I was glad I was with my husband!

Here are a few pictures my walk with Zoey yesterday.

I had her on the leash at the time, but she really wanted to chase the bunny.

This next one is a picture of a vine climbing cattails.

Another view of the marsh.


And here are some very attractive weeds. 😄


Thank you for reading! Shout out to @tattoodjay, who hosts the #WednesdayWalk tag and @elizacheng for #makemesmile!

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If the sun is up, time to walk in cooler hour of the day gives ones mind a rest after hours in an office or doing chores at home.

Lovely path you have to amble taking Zoey out, definitely lots of interest with a bunny rabbit along the path.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


Thank you very much, @ joanstewart! Yes it's lovely to take Zoey out walking. She loves meeting other dogs and chasing deer and little animals, when I let her off the leash. Thank you for the tip!

It is healthy for both human and dog to get out, still waiting here to be able to safely go to a park or the beach. Glad some areas in the world have opened up since animals also take stress under sudden change.

Wow! So nice! You could go walking at 8pm with daylight!!

Yes, but it is now dark at 8:30, so we arrived back at our car in total darkness. It was pleasant enough, but I love to see my surroundings! 😁

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wow such a nice spot for a walk must have been so refreshing :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)