Dreaming of a White Christmas- Actifit: December 24 2020

in Actifit2 months ago

Our snowstorm raged through the night, but left by morning, leaving a heap of snow across the state. I estimate it was about 8 inches of snow where I live.

I got up before my husband (who normally handles the snow plowing) and we were expecting a visitor, so went out and shoveled an access path to the house. (Above.)

When my husband got up, he went out and finished plowing the rest of the driveway, the walkway and the front porch, which is covered and yet was buried in snow due to the fierce wind from the storm.

That is all I have time and energy to share, but I also went out walking in the fresh snow and will share some more pictures tomorrow.

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Oh boy your got yourself a white Christmas.

Lovely to think while sitting in a world covered in white bright clean snow we are hot.

Well Christmas day was overcast and a fabulous 24 deg C ideal for sitting outdoors, hope you enjoyed your day @jayna

Well, that would also be a nice way to spend Christmas! It's the in-between temperature that are no fun - too cold to be outdoors, but not cold enough for snow. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, @joanstewart!

The day turned out wonderful being the right temperature to enjoy, today a sizzling 32 deg C once again, hiding away under the AC.

A real winter picture!!! Lots of snow is always associated with childhood, Christmas trees and presents!!!

I agree! Snow on Christmas is magical, and takes me right back to childhood. Thank you for stopping by!

Lucky you, a white Christmas! Haven't seen one in years here.

Yes, we got quite a blast of snow, just in time for the big day. Good to see you, @slobberchops. I hope you had a great holiday.

Yuck. I hate snow.

Ha ha. That's funny. Don't you live in Colorado?