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RE: 🅰️ WHERE SUMMER ENDS AND ❄️WINTER❄️ BEGINS [Nov.06.2020] #AutomaticWin

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Is that little white object out toward the cars the rabbit? You’re right! It sure is camouflaged in the snow!


Hi @jayna! You may be right... and you may not be! It’s that tough to know!

Do me a favour and attach a copy of the photo with a red circle around the area you think the rabbit 🐇 is hiding!

P.s. Make sure you pick well! Only 1 chance per. person on this one! (Gotta make it fair and give everybody a chance!) 🙂

Ha ha! Oh sure, here you go.

hahaha! Not quite... @practicaleric actually circled the correct white spot! But I'll still send you a digital #HighFive 🙌 anyways! I'm just glad you read my post and thought it would be fun to play @jayna! 😃