My Actifit Report Card: August 4, 2020

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My Actifit Report Card: August 4, 2020

Yesterday was eventful. I started the day going to work at a local library where we had renovated their Children’s Department. I had to meet the painter and final cleaner to supervise them throughout the day. Tropical Storm Isaias was on the way. By the time I was leaving the job site , things were getting fairly dangerous outside. Trees were blocking many roadways and winds were coming in at high speeds. Instead of driving 20 minutes to the office I decided to go home and work from home to weather the storm. I was there for about 30 minutes and BOOM. The power went out. Now it has been about 32 hours and the power is still out. We have a generator hooked up to the fridge and freezer to keep the food from perishing, but other than that, I am powerless. Cell phone data connection is also very limited, so I’m not even sure if this post will be able to upload. During the last major Hurricane, we lost power for a full week. Let’s hope the utility companies can do something about this much quicker. Apparently 45% of the state is without power. Some connections at the power companies are saying it will be at least a few days. Gotta somehow keep cool and make the most of it!

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