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RE: My Actifit Report Card: January 19 2021

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Hi there @phoenixwren , sorry to drop in with an off topic question, but... I felt sure you and I had exchanged DM's in the past, but there is no record of that in Discord now.
Weren't you friends with Cecicastor? I thought you and I had exchanged news about her.
I've not heard from her since 01/09/2021. I am worried and wondered if you'd heard anything from or about her.
If you have, please let me know, and if I am mistaken, please forgive me


Hi Jerry! No, I haven't heard from her in a while, longer ago than you. Has something happened in the past 11 days in her locale? Maybe just her internet is being unreliable?

That would be normal, but not for 11 days. She had a minor heart attack (so she was told) and was hospitalized for a few days last Autumn, which was a disaster for her.
They wanted to bring her back for a defibrillator implant, but she didn't want it done in Nicaragua.
Since then she has been very frail.
I did a surprise video call in Discord with her on 01/04/21 which thrilled her.
We talked for an hour. She wrote the next day to thank me, then a couple more times, but the last thing I heard was on 01/09.
The good news, if you can call it that, was that she had a fairly serious offer to purchase her property, so that then she could afford to pay all the stupidity so she could leave that disgusting excuse of a country.
So I don't know if
A. she's fallen seriously ill again, or
B. she's sold and is on her way out of the country.

Oh, I hope it's the latter!

Me too. I just sent you a friend request in Discord DM, if you'll accept, we can converse in private
I am Jerrytsuseer-chillyman#3994

I am almost never on Discord, but I thought we had a DM once before too. I'll accept it the next time I'm on there.

I did too, think we'd had communications in DM before, but when I searched for @phoenixwren , there was nothing. I found you under a different name in one of the servers, and sent that request, under "firebird" something

Yep that's me. I've always been that name on Discord.

I'm going offline for a while now, but I'll check back before I sign off for the night